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Splash Bar & Cafe

Permanently Closed


Splash Bar & Café is an interactive and lively, late afternoon/evening spot located among the 2nd floor exhibits at UnderWater World. The space is mesmerizing. Like having a drink at a moonlit lagoon! Guests can flow freely around with a drink in hand, testing each other’s aquatic knowledge, or they can hang out in conversation pits, listening to music, or simply just chill out with friends and share exotic drinks and great bar food.  During the early hours the music will be mellow and controlled to allow for easy conversation or a business gathering.  As the night gets older, we’ll amp the music up a bit and strike a note more like a lively bar – but never out of hand, because we are surrounded by fish and they, too, need their space in order to stay healthy and happy. 

On certain nights we’ll have live music, on others we will involve guests in fun and engaging party games, on others again, we’ll have special drinks events – all designed to keep the fun going.  At all times the photo booth will be ready with costumes and disguises on hand for friends and family to double the fun. Splash will be open daily from 20:30 to 23:30 for business gatherings, socializing, partying, listening, drinking, eating – and above all, having fun.

*We can modify hours of operation for special events and parties

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