Take a deep dive into learning about Guam’s natural ecosystem
through our educational programs and underwater adventures.




Captive Breeding
At UnderWater World, we’ve not only procured sea creatures from the wild, but have also raised many animals that were born right here in our aquariums:

  • White tip reef sharks
  • Seahorses
  • Zebra sharks
  • Clownfish

In turn, we often share these animals with other public aquariums, thereby reducing the demand for animals caught in the wild.

UnderWater World adheres to ethical and internationally adopted animal collection policies. We have a strict policy of only accepting and displaying animals that have been bred, collected, transported and treated in accordance with these policies and procedures. In fact, in 2007 the Marine Aquarium Council and the European Union of Zoos and Aquariums recognized one of our collection templates for international use.

Animal Rehabilitation
UnderWater World supports and is actively involved in marine animal rehabilitation. Recently, our husbandry department successfully rehabilitated and released a juvenile green sea turtle.

In addition, UnderWater World works in cooperation with Guam Department of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources (DAWR) to develop new rehabilitation programs as needed. If you find an injured seabird or sea turtle, please contact DAWR at 735-3995/6.

Conservation Corner
UnderWater World is proud to partner with local environmental organizations and is a member of the Guam Environmental Education Committee.

Get Involved!
Join in the efforts to learn about and protect Guam’s natural resources and find out about upcoming events by liking the Guam environmental Education page on Facebook!

Field Trips

The Most Exciting Classroom on the Island
A tour through UnderWater World starts at the door where our educators greet your students as they step off the bus. The group will gather in the lobby or second floor for basic instructions before the tour. Anyone without a ticket will have time to purchase one while the students take the opportunity to use the restrooms.

Following a short introduction, an educator will guide the students through all four areas of the aquarium:

  • The Rainforest
  • The Tunnel
  • The Sea Life Gallery

The tour ends in the Touch Pool area where students will have the option to buy items from the UnderWater World gift shop if they choose.

Don’t Miss Our Shark Feeding!
The water shark feeding can be seen every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 p.m. There’s also a surface feeding every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2 p.m.

Tour Options
Our field trip packet has all the information you need to schedule your visit to UnderWater World. For more information, or to book your tour, please email or call 649-9191 ext. 120

Special Tours

Underwater Adventure
Enjoy a guided tour of the aquarium with an UnderWater World educator. Explore the freshwater rainforest, tunnel aquarium, sea life gallery and touch pool. Your personal educator will share cool facts about our ocean creatures and answer any questions you may have.

Pricing: Children (3-11): $8 Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Adults (12 and older): $12
* UnderWater Adventure is for participants 3 and older. A minimum of 15 participants is required. At least one adult must be present for every 10 minors.

Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Curious about how we care for more than 2,000 animals? Book a special behind-the-scenes tour that provides an additional 45-minute presentation regarding the steps we take to ensure our animals are safe and healthy.

* Small groups of participants at least 10 years old can add a Behind-the-Scenes tour to their Underwater Adventure tour. Ask about details when making reservations.

Sleep With The Sharks
Join us for an untraditional sleepover inside the tunnel of the aquarium! Curl up in your sleeping bag and see what it’s like to spend the night in the ocean!

Program includes:

  • Games and gathering activities
  • Guided tour of aquarium
  • Evening snack
  • Overnight stay in tunnel
  • Light breakfast

Pricing: $30/person (Discount offered for groups of 30 or more)
Important: Program starts at 11 p.m. and ends at 8 a.m. the next day

* Sleep with the Sharks Program is only available for participants 12 and older. Tour can be customized for school groups. One adult chaperone required for every 10 minors. Minimum group size is 15 participants. Maximum group size is 60 participants.

All participants are required to have a signed medical release form and liability waiver. These documents will be provided by UWW staff and must be completed before the sleepover begins.

Reservations for all special tours and group events must be made at least two weeks in advance. Please call 649-9191 or email for more information.

Teacher Pass

Teachers Visit UnderWater World for FREE
Every year we offer FREE passes to any certified classroom teacher. These passes are good until the following August (beginning of the new school year) and allow teachers to enter the aquarium for FREE at any time.

To participate in this program, bring a school ID stating you are a teacher, a letter from your principal or your teaching certificate to the Box Office of the aquarium. Your pass can be issued immediately.

You must be a certified classroom teacher with the Guam Public School System, DODEA, Guam private schools system, Guam Community College or University Of Guam to qualify. This program does not apply to home school parents, daycare providers or school administrators.

Please call 649-9191 for more information or bring evidence of your certification to UnderWater World to get a pass.

In Your Class

Bring UnderWater World to You
In addition to our existing field trip program, UnderWater World offers an outreach program to enhance your curriculum. No Bus? No Funding? No worries! “Critters in the Classroom”A? will come to you and help increase awareness about marine life, local ecosystems, and conservation.

One of our trained educators will come to your classroom and give a fun, interactive presentation about marine life. Presentations can be modified to fit most age groups and subjects.

Please call 649-9191 ext. 120 or email The Education Department for a list of presentation options. All outreach programs require at least two weeks advanced notice and are scheduled based on staff availability.